2021 Conference Lineup

Fall is almost here and that comes with seasonal changes. The weather gets colder, leaves change color, and pumpkin spice goodies abound. It’s also the season when kids go back to school, which may not be as exciting as it can be. Not only is there uncertainty with the pandemic going on, but there has been more and more exposure to unbiblical worldviews, ideas, and teachings. As a parent, how can one train kids to discern truth from lies? As a student, how can one tease out what is true and what are really lies disguised as truths?

Luckily, the fall season has one more thing coming: the Ambassadors Forum Apologetics Conference! The Ambassadors Forum seeks to tackle current issues through a biblical lens and train people how to discern truth in a world that rejects God. We have a great lineup of speakers, including Sean McDowell, Neil Shenvi, Elizabeth Urbanowicz, and more. Register here for the virtual 2021 Ambassadors Forum Apologetics Conference.