November 19 - Friday Forum with Andy Frye

Our November forum will be online via Zoom.

Neil Shenvi

"The Leavers and the Rise of the Nones"

The number of young people having “no religion” has doubled in the last ten years and many of these are ex-church kids. In this Friday Forum, Andy will explain the reasons why young people leave as well as what parents and the church can do about it.

The phenomenon is real, the causes are understandable, and the culture is hostile – but Christians can respond with bold truth and gracious love to these challenges. We need to understand the deep wounds and deep hunger of the next generation, and communicate the timeless truth and grace of the Gospel in a way that can be clearly understood today.

Andrew Frye lives in Grants Pass, Oregon with his wife Terry - they have two adult children. He has spoken at churches and camps across the United States on worldview, apologetics, church history, and engaging the culture. Andy has been faculty with Worldview Academy since 2008 and is the author of "The Image of God: A 9 Week Study". He has served the church as a worship leader, elder, and pastoral teacher. He is the department chair for social studies at Grants Pass High School and has been an adjunct professor at Pacific Bible College, Concordia University, and Rogue Community College. Andrew is a James Madison Fellow-Scholar and holds a MA (Liberal Studies) in history and political philosophy from Excelsior College, where he did work at Georgetown University and Oxford University, England, and a B.A. in history from San Diego State University. He enjoys soccer, music, and good coffee.

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