July 16 - Friday Forum with Brian Overholt

Our July forum will be a hybrid event.
You can join us in-person at Southwest Hills Baptist Church or online.

Neil Shenvi

"Grace Over Conflict: A Christian Response to Critical Race Theory"

Critical Race Theory (along with Critical Theories in general) is a worldview with a false gospel which leaves no room for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The doctrines and details of this worldview can seem to many like a tangled mess of thorns. But they have a singular root. For everyday followers of Christ to respond to this false gospel, we will find the root much easier to grasp.

Brian Overholt is the product of a Christian home, in which his father instilled a love for apologetics and the intellectual depth of the Christian faith from an early age. His passion for ministry began at 9 years old, volunteering to teach the gospel to preschoolers. Today Brian is the Worship and Communications Director for Lake Bible Church, where he also teaches and preaches on apologetics. He is the proud husband to Becky, who also leads worship with him, and together they have 4 children.

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Or join us in-person at Southwest Hills Baptist Church.