August 20 - Friday Forum with Charles Jackson

Our August forum will be a hybrid event.
You can join us online via Zoom or

in-person at Southwest Hills Baptist Church.

(Per Oregon mandate, face coverings will be required.)

Neil Shenvi

"How to Explain God's Justice in Old Testament Genocide"

In the Old Testament God kills entire groups of people including women and children. How could anybody believe in such a cruel and unloving God? On August 20th we will help you explain how God's actions are always just and good, even when He fatally judges entire groups of people.

Charles Jackson is a long-time member of the Ambassadors Forum. He speaks on progressive theology, modern culture, the Sexual Revolution, modern critical social justice theories, atheism, explaining Old Testament genocide, and false worldviews from the right wing.

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Or join us in-person at 7pm at Southwest Hills Baptist Church.