Friday Forum Recordings (2020)


Dec - Dr. Steve Van Horn - Is Anyone Asking You?

Is anyone asking you about the hope they see in you? If not, why not? Are you hopeful in the midst of what is going on in our culture? Are you demonstrating it? Are you too caught up in the kingdome of this world instead of focussing on the "things above?"

Nov - Roy Swart & Adrian Toader - Question & Answer Session

Roy Swart earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. He has worked in the R&D sector of the semiconductor industry for over 20 years (and still does), he is the leader of the Ambassadors Forum, has published papers and presented at conferences, and has over a dozen patents. Roy is married, with seven kids (5 girls and 2 boys) and lives near Portland, OR.

Adrian Toader is a member of the Southwest Hills Ambassadors Forum who has been teaching on apologetics topics for over 10 years. He is a former public school teacher with a Masters in teaching and has extensive experience engaging the secular culture. He currently serves as an engineering manager at a local manufacturing company.

Sep - Elizabeth Urbanowicz - Equipping Our Children to Discern and Follow Truth

Scripture teaches that Jesus is the truth for all people, in all cultures, and at all times. Yet, our culture continually bombards our children with its philosophy that truth changes from person-to-person. How can we make a compelling argument for the existence of absolute truth and train our children to discern truth from falsehood? In this session, participants will explore answers to these questions and engage in strategies for implementing truth-education in their homes.

Elizabeth’s presentation begins at 4:18 and the Q/A portion begins at 43:45. (Point at the video timeline until you see the time, then click to jump there.) The information on how to request activity information via text message is at 23:29.

Neil Shenvi
Aug - Dr. Neil Shenvi - A Deeper Dive Into Critical Theory

On Friday, August 21st, our Friday Forum featured a talk by Dr. Neil Shenvi – “Christian apologetics from a homeschooling theoretical chemist.”

Neil’s presentation is titled "A Deeper Dive into Critical Theory, the New Pseudo Religion". 

The actual presentation begins at 6:00 and the Q/A begins at 55:30. (Point at the video timeline until you see the time, then click to jump there.)

Jul - Caleb Rogers - From Where Does Information Come?

This talk discusses views on the origin of life and the idea of universal information. From where does information come?

Caleb Rogers has had an interest in science and how things work since childhood. His background is in biology, genetics, and medicine. He has an interest in the multiple positions on Creation and biodiversity, as well as information theory. He does not have all the answers but enjoys dialogue and sharing what he has learned on his journey thus far.