Friday Forum Recordings (2022)

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Mar - Eric Bauer - Thinking Biblically about Homelessness

Join Eric Bauer, Executive Director of the Portland Rescue Mission, and the Ambassadors Forum to discuss what the Bible has to say about homelessness and how that differs from the approach the world is taking. 

Learn why this issue will never be resolved by failing to recognize and address the root cause, and learn what you can do to truly love and help those in our community impacted by homelessness.

Feb - Roy Swart & Adrian Toader - Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask

Join Roy Swart and Adrian Toader for an interactive night of in-person training so you can better understand and defend your faith! We will discuss and address the most common questions that Christians hope they aren’t asked. Come learn how to engage a hostile question, deconstruct it into its basic presuppositions, and think clearly about how to present the truth in a humble and respectful way.

Jan - Herb Grey (No recording is available)