February's Friday Forum!

Neil Shenvi

"What Does It Mean To Be Made In The Image of God?"

Do you find yourself using the phrase "Image of God" in conversations on human value and identity? Have you taken the time to understand what this Biblical phrase means? If someone asked you to explain what you mean by the Image of God, would you have a ready answer?

Derry grew up in Maryland, and worked as a registered nurse. She was a nominal Christian engaging in New Age practices when a friend introduced her to Bible Study Fellowship where she heard the Gospel and trusted Christ as her Savior and Lord. Challenged by a Mormon friend to understand what she believed and why, she began her quest into apologetics, receiving a bachelor’s in Biblical Foundations from Multnomah University and a master of Christian Apologetics from Biola, graduating with honors from both institutions.

Believing that the university is a key place for ministry, Derry is now the Regional Director of the Pacific Northwest chapters of Ratio Christi and Chapter Director at Portland State where she engages with a wide diversity of students in an environment hostile to Christianity. Her mission is to equip students to discuss the questions of life and to open opportunities to share the Gospel.

Derry lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Paul, and has three grown children. Outside her ministry commitments, Derry enjoys exercising, reading, and watching Trailblazer games with her family and friends.


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