Friday Forum Recordings (2021)

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Dec - J. Warner Wallace - Why Jesus is History's Greatest PERSON OF INTEREST

J. Warner Wallace describes why the “fuse” and “fallout” of human history demonstrate the historicity and deity of Jesus.

Nov - Andy Frye - The Leavers and the Rise of the Nones

The number of young people having “no religion” has doubled in the last ten years and many of these are ex-church kids. In this Friday Forum, Andy explains the reasons why young people leave as well as what parents and the church can do about it.

The phenomenon is real, the causes are understandable, and the culture is hostile – but Christians can respond with bold truth and gracious love to these challenges. We need to understand the deep wounds and deep hunger of the next generation, and communicate the timeless truth and grace of the Gospel in a way that can be clearly understood today.

Sep - Stephen Williams - The Reliability of the Bible

Are you ready to explain the reasons why the Bible is reliable? In this session we’ll explore some key areas of evidence into the reliability of Scripture.

Aug - Charles Jackson - How to Explain God's Justice in Old Testament Genocide

In the Old Testament God kills entire groups of people including women and children. How could anybody believe in such a cruel and unloving God? This talk will help you explain how God's actions are always just and good, even when He fatally judges entire groups of people.

Charles Jackson is a long-time member of the Ambassadors Forum. He speaks on progressive theology, modern culture, the Sexual Revolution, modern critical social justice theories, atheism, explaining Old Testament genocide, and false worldviews from the right wing.

Jul - Brian Overholt - Grace Over Conflict: A Christian Response to Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (along with Critical Theories in general) is a worldview with a false gospel which leaves no room for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The doctrines and details of this worldview can seem to many like a tangled mess of thorns. But they have a singular root. For everyday followers of Christ to respond to this false gospel, we will find the root much easier to grasp.

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Jun - Caleb Hilbert - Removing Barriers

"Removing Barriers" is aimed at helping Christians think about history in a way that will help them clarify and correct prevalent historical inaccuracies that non-christians use as a barrier to avoid the claims of the gospel. By removing the barriers of historical inaccuracies, the Christian may engage in a meaningful gospel dialogue.

May - Herb Grey - Biblical Standards for Justice

This talk explores the origins and meaning of justice, how justice cannot be understood apart from a transcendent biblical standard and how it is being popularly misinterpreted and applied in our current society.

Apr - Adrian Toader - Public School Indoctrination

More and more parents are starting to be aware of the indoctrination happening in our school systems. Unfortunately many realize it only after their children have left the faith. It’s time to prepare ourselves and our kids to be ready for the corrosive teachings they will face.

Mar - KathyGrace Duncan - I Never Saw You That Way

KathyGrace, born female, lived as a man for 11 years of her life. 28 years ago, she came out of that lifestyle and reclaimed her birth name. Hers is a story of freedom and redemption through her relationship with Jesus.

Feb - Derry Tseng - What Does It Mean to be Made in the Image of God?

Do you find yourself using the phrase “Image of God” in conversations on human value and identity? Have you taken the time to understand what this Biblical phrase means? If someone asked you to explain what you mean by the Image of God, would you have a ready answer?

Jan - Josh Brahm - 6 Practical Dialogue Tips – What We’ve Learned from Talking to 5,000 Pro-Choice People

Josh shares ERI’s best tips for creating the kind of conversational environment where people are the most likely to change their minds. This is one of their most fun topics filled with great stories of conversations to illustrate the points.