Wow, this past year has been quite tumultuous. So many changes have been brought on as a result of the pandemic, but with the lifting of COVID restrictions in Oregon, things are starting to get back to normal. A huge plus is that now the Ambassadors Forum will be able to have in-person Friday Forums again. How awesome is that!

The year has not only seen changes caused by the pandemic but also racial issues coming to light. With the Black Lives Matter movement, critical race theory has been gaining more and more attention. Bits and pieces of this worldview are brought up by the media, social media, and even amongst circles of friends and coworkers. The doctrines and details of this worldview seem like a tangle of thorns that is hard to tease out what is true and what is false. The Ambassadors Forum wants to equip Christ-followers in responding to this increasingly popular doctrine. How can Christians respond in a way that is gracious and truthful? Come to this month’s Friday Forum “Grace Over Conflict: A Christian Response to Critical Race Theory” hosted by the Ambassadors Forum on July 16, 2021. Brian Overholt will present this talk and lead the discussion on how Christians should respond to critical race theory. The event will be at Southwest Hills Baptist Church at 7 PM, but for those who prefer to watch online, go to the Ambassadors Forum website.