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One question that this newsletter addresses is “My Mormon friend said the Bible condones their religious practice of baptizing for the dead (1 Cor 15:29). What do you think?” This is a great question since many of us have encountered a Mormon, whether it’s a coworker, friend, or one who comes up to your doorstep. It’s especially challenging when engaging in Christian apologetics because they use the Bible to support their beliefs and practices. If you would like to find out the answer to this question, check out the newsletter! For more answers to hard questions related to Christian apologetics, come over to the “Hard Questions Answered” tab on the website (https://theambassadorsforum.com/?page_id=81/#4). You can also submit your own hard question on the “Ask Me a Hard Question” tab (https://theambassadorsforum.com/?page_id=81) on the Ambassadors Forum website.