March 19 - Friday Forum with KathyGrace Duncan

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Neil Shenvi

"I Never Saw You That Way"

KathyGrace, born female, lived as a man for 11 years of her life. 28 years ago, she came out of that lifestyle and reclaimed her birth name. Hers is a story of freedom and redemption through her relationship with Jesus.

During her talk, KathyGrace will share about the things the Lord did when she was coming out of the transgender lifestyle. She will talk about the process and healing in the midst of it all, not just the end result. She will also touch on the roots and causes of the issue.

KathyGrace is currently the Women’s Ministry Leader at Portland Fellowship where she facilitates discussion groups, co-leads a small group, and mentors and teaches with the Taking Back Ground program. She is also Chairwoman of the Portland Fellowship Board of Directors. She is involved with the Changed Movement from Redding CA. In her spare time, you will find her riding her bicycle, gardening or hanging out with friends.


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