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Dec. 26, 2020:

Interview of Roy Swart by Steve Van Horn (part 1)

Dec. 19, 2020:

Interview with Ruthie & Marianne Swart on Youth & Apologetics
Link: Summit Ministries

Dec. 12, 2020:

Interview with Mike Schutt about biblical worldview and Christian vocation
Link: Worldview Academy

Dec. 5, 2020:

Nov. 28, 2020:

Interview with Keri Denker about teaching practical Apologetics to kids

Nov. 21, 2020:

Interview with Herb Grey about Christian Apologetics in today’s legal environment

Nov. 14, 2020:

Interview with KathyGrace Duncan about Transgenderism

Oct. 31, 2020:

Interview with Alex McLellan – Viewing the World like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Oct. 24, 2020:

Oct. 17, 2020:

Interview with Josh McDowell about Apologetics and the Church

Oct. 10, 2020:

Interview with Hillary Morgan Ferrer about Teaching our Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies

Link: Mama Bear Apologetics

Oct. 3, 2020:

Sep. 26, 2020:

Interview with Elizabeth Urbanowicz on Elementary School Worldview

Link: Foundation Worldview

Sep. 12, 2020: