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Mar. 06, 2021:

Answering hard questions about vegetarianism and polygamy

Feb. 27, 2021:

Interview with Brian Overholt about Apologetics in the local church

Feb. 20, 2021:

Answering hard questions about science and the Bible

Feb. 13, 2021:

Adrian continues his discussion with Justin about values and the meaning of life

Feb. 6, 2021:

Adrian discusses with Justin about his deconversion from Christianity

Jan. 30, 2021:

Interview with Adrian Toader about family faith legacy and respectful lifestyle Apologetics

Jan. 23, 2021:

“Feeding the Trolls” (social media comments) by Roy Swart and Adrian Toader

Jan. 16, 2021:

Jan. 9, 2021:

Interview with Josh Brahm about General Apologetics Dialogue Tips learned through Pro-Life Conversations

Link: Equal Rights Institute

Jan. 2, 2021: