While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of restrictions worldwide, we at the Ambassadors Forum continue to be active in the ministry of Christian apologetics. We had our Friday Forum in March on Zoom and it was a success. For the time being, the Ambassadors Forum plan to continue its monthly Friday Forums virtually to talk about Christian apologetics topics.

This month’s Friday Forum will talk about Christian values in light of today’s standards. Society teaches values that are contrary to what Christians are taught from the Bible. Christian values, such as church attendance, sexual purity, and commitment in marriage, are considered oppressive and outdated by today’s world. Is the world right in regards to Christian values or is God right that following His ways is good? Come to the Ambassadors Forum’s Friday Forum “The Case for Christian Values” by Adrian Toader on May 22 at 7 PM to find out the answer. If you want to attend this month’s virtual Friday Forum and future online Ambassadors Forum events, sign up for the newsletter on the Ambassadors Forum website or send an email to the Ambassadors Forum at information@theambassadorsforum.com to receive a Zoom invitation.