The concept of the Trinity is one of the key Christian doctrines, but it is a tough concept to wrap one’s head around. How can God be three persons in one? Nothing in nature exists as three in one. To add to the confusion is that some religions, such as Jehovah’s Witness and Islam, disregard the Trinity and even claim that it is unbiblical. They assert that since there is no Bible verse that explicitly says that God is three persons in one, the Trinity must be a man-made doctrine.

While there is no Bible verse that directly states that God is three persons in one, there are plenty of passages that support the Trinity doctrine. If you want to know how the Trinity fits in with the Bible and how to defend this key doctrine in Christian apologetics, come to this month’s Friday Forum hosted by the Ambassadors Forum. This Friday Forum “Defending Key Doctrines: The Trinity” is a virtual meeting on June 19 at 7 PM with Rob Pryor speaking in defense of the Trinity. If you are interested in learning about the Trinity and how it applies to Christian apologetics, contact the Ambassadors Forum (information@the for a Zoom invite.